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You live in a what?! – 5 reasons why you should live in a trailer in Auburn

You live in a what?! – 5 reasons why you should live in a trailer in Auburn

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Housing is one of the most stressful parts of a student’s college career aside from classes. Trailer or mobile home living is often seen as “redneck” or trashy, but not all trailers should be judged by their flamingos. There many different advantages to living in a trailer. Once you get past the stereotypes, you will find living in a trailer can be a great experience.

Economic value

When you break it down, the average cost of renting an apartment/condo/townhouse is about $700 a month (not including power, cable and other essentials). The average cost of living in a trailer, or “mobile home”, is about $500 a month including power, cable and gas – sometimes less.

Buying a trailer is more of an investment rather than throwing away four years of rent. Once you are ready to move out, you just sell it and get your most of your money back.

Flexibility with pets

If you own the trailer there is no “pet fee” if you want to bring you furry friend to college with you! You are allowed to have a fenced play area for them and most lots have a good amount of yard space. Most students that live in a trailer have a pet of some sort so your furry companion will have lots of friends!

Sharing is nonexistent (sort of)

You have your own house. You’re not sharing walls with someone above, below or beside you. Sure the walls are thin and you can probably hear someone walking across the floor but it’s better than listening to your neighbor and his flavor of the month argue and scream at each other at four in the morning. You also get your own bathroom! Yay! No sharing with a suite-mate or that roommate you were “matched” with.

Wide Open Spaces

You can do what you want when you want (providing you don’t break any major laws or commit a crime). You want to have a fish fry with the entire trailer park? Go for it! You’ve got the space. If you come from a rural part of the world, you know the importance of having breathing room. You don’t have to stress your friends over parking in the “visitor” parking lot or getting towed because you don’t have a parking pass. “Gatherings” often frequent the residents of the trailer parks and that’s ok because you can have regular events every fourth Saturday; whereas in an apartment, your neighbors would have a heart attack from all the people.

It’s your home away from home

Unlike an apartment or condo, you don’t feel like your living in a hotel room for four years. You have a yard, a fully functioning kitchen and laundry room and you have room for friends or family to visit and stay awhile. In a way, trailer living feels more permanent. The space is your own and you can tailor is to your specific style. You don’t have to worry about getting permission to paint the walls or redo the floors.


Most importantly, if you choose to live in a trailer park in college you are choosing to live in a community that’s unique from any other group of people you will encounter in your four years at Auburn. We enjoy getting new neighbors and we’ll be sad to see the old ones leave. You will live among some of the most down-to-earth, kindhearted people out there and maybe get initiated into a “secret organization” for trailer park people but you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

When asked about trailer living, agronomy and soils senior at Auburn University, Noel Welch, had a few things to say about his experience over the past four years.

“It’s been an experience for sure. My best memories of college are from sitting in Ridgewood on a Friday night with my best friends just hanging out,” said Welch, “If anyone is thinking about where to live when they come to Auburn, tell them to try living in a trailer. They won’t regret it.”

College is about experiencing new things and meeting new people. So live life on the rural side and get yourself a trailer. It’ll be the best decision you and your parents ever make.

“Hey if all else fails, haul that bad boy home and you can live on the back 40.” – Noel Welch